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Massage Therapy Can Chase Away the Holiday Blues

James F. Balch, MD says, "Some people become more depressed in the winter months, when the days are shorter and darker. This type of disorder is known as a seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Women are more likely to suffer from SAD than men. People who suffer this type of depression in the winter months lose their energy, suffer anxiety attacks, gain weight as a result of craving the wrong foods, sleep too much and have a reduced sex drive. Many people get depressed around the December holidays; while most of them probably just have the "holiday blues", some of them may be suffering from seasonal affective disorder." The stresses of holiday shopping, preparation of meals, family activities or the loneliness of families living so far away creates a crescendo of emotions this time of the year.

"Some researchers believe that depression can be "caught" like a cold or the flu. In his book Contagious Emotions: Staying Well When Your Loved One Is Depressed (pocket books, 1993). Dr. Ronald M. Podell says that in a marriage if one partner is chronically depressed, both probably will be. Researchers have found that some people are more powerful mood transmitters and other are mood receivers. Mood transmitter can control the mood of a family or a group of coworkers just by being in the room. Mood receivers are very susceptible to the changing moods of those around them. This subconscious interaction is most dangerous when the mood transmitter is exhibiting depression through constant moodiness, anger, anxiety or sadness; he or she can "give" a case of depression to others."

NOW TAKE YOURSELF TO OUR MASSAGE THERAPY OFFICE. The massage room is between 70 to 80 degrees, relaxing music fills the air, the smell of aromatic oils helps you breathe in tranquility, the table has flannel linens to cover your body as the massage therapist soothes those tired-tight muscles. Massage Therapy can chase away the holiday blues!