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My Feet Hurt!

How many times a week do you listen to yourself and others complain about aching feet? Many people wear good support hose and shoes but still suffer the discomfort of aching feet.

It is with our feet that we make contact with the ground like the roots of a tree. Now, take off your shoes and check your feet:

  • Flat Feet - have collapsed arches that weaken the whole body structure. The foot tries to cling to the ground for extra support. Your weight is generally thrown toward the inside of the ankles.

  • Rigid Feet - have tight, excessively contracted toes and arches. These high arches are pulled tightly upward, curling the toes and providing much less contact with the ground.

  • Normal Feet - have supple quality, with weight evenly distributed on balls and heels with the arch at the center of the inner foot.

In order for your body to remain in balance, good contact with the ground is essential. Ungrounded people tend to be unsure of their footing. Their muscles may either be flaccid or rigid - both inadequate when faced with new terrain.

These physical characteristics may accompany corresponding mental attitudes of laxity or rigidity. Grounded people seem well balanced and aligned. With their flexible feet and legs, they adjust quickly to life situations and remain open and responsive to new input in their lives.

Helpful hints for remaining grounded include: maintaining body weight at a comfortable level for your body structure; consulting a podiatrist for problem feet; and regular foot massages for healthier, relaxed feet!