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Olympic Fever

Olympic Fever is the anticipation and excitement of meeting 17 million new friends from around the world. My job, as a medical sports-massage volunteer assigned to Clark Atlanta University and Morris Brown College in the Field Hockey Venue, was to provide massage therapy to any athletes and officials from all countries that might experience muscular pain and discomfort.

Field Hockey is played on Astroturf called "the pitch." The Astroturf must be continuously soaked with water to maintain the speed of the hockey ball. If the pitch becomes dry, the athletes can experience many strains and sprains to the calf, hamstring and hip rotators - the #1 injury.

The #2 complaint was of stiff necks and shoulders as a result of sleeping on dormitory beds and pillows. The #3 complaint was of blisters and foot discomfort, from the Olympic shoes provided to all athletes and officials.

Olympic memories…teaching the USA team doctor how to rehabilitate injuries with massage…the Korean athlete who, after being hit over the eye with a hockey stick and receiving 27 stitches, returned to the game the next day…the ice massages required for the calfs and hips of the Netherlands team that won the gold…the President of the European Hockey Association, who received his first massage at the clinic, and how we helped to relieve his sciatica in treatments on that day and in subsequent visits…the Umpires and Officials from India, Pakistan, Canada, Ireland, France, Russia, Australia, Tasmania, Great Britain, Holland and Japan when they presented me with pins from their respective countries and a ticket to the closing ceremonies.

Olympic Fever is planning to be a volunteer for the Paralympics and the next summer Olympics in the year 2000 in Sydney, Australia!