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Princeton Goes for Chiropractic and Massage

March 1, 1998 marked a record win for Princeton University during the men's and women's indoor track and field competition, known as the Heptagonals. Princeton scored a record win against the Ivy Leagues and first time win for both men and women since 1985.

So what gave these athletes the winning edge? Perhaps the teamwork of Dr. Jeanmarie Speeney, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and National Sports Massage Therapist, Clare Caldwell.

How does sports massage make a difference? Timing and specificity says Caldwell. Caldwell had primed each athlete with pre-event loose muscles! Relaxed muscles groups, specifically quads, hamstrings and claves can give athletes greater endurance, speed and power. The massages were set for 8-minute sessions three to five days prior to competition. Then, the day of competition athletes received 8-minute sessions right up to the minute before the event. Caldwell's hands and fingers worked with the speed and precision experience of an Olympic therapist, for which she has attained the greatest degree of training.

Speeney and Caldwell handled specific problems like plantar tendon strain, groin pulls, shin splints, low back tightening, piriformis strain, tight IT bands and nervous jitters. Caldwell treated 10 athletes every hour and a half.

Dr. Speeney was able to increase each athlete's performance by correcting their spinal and pelvic misalignments, which when present, interferes with normal muscular function. Speeney and Caldwell, a dynamic duo, helped the Princeton Tigers soar to a great win!